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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions from Facebook / Google / Amazon / Microsoft / etc?

Yes, our problems are a mix of both actual questions asked at top-tier tech companies, as well as tailored problems created from our panel of experts who have interviewed at top companies.

I don't have a degree in Data Science - should I still subscribe to Data Interview Qs?

While these problems do rely on a basic understanding of statistics, Python/Pandas, SQL, and ML concepts, it is not necessary to have a degree in Data Science to be able to answer them. In fact, data scientists and analysts hired at top tech companies have varied backgrounds, with some folks having formal degrees and many folks self-taught in the field of data science. If you're willing to put in the necessary effort and practice, you should be able to pick up the basics of data science through these questions.

'Data science' is a broad field, what types of roles will these questions prepare me for?

Great observation! Since the term 'data science' means many different things to many different folks (and even to hiring managers), we break our questions into the following categories:

You'll find these core skills are useful for a range of job titles: data scientists (of course!), data analysts, business analysts, quantitative analysts, and many more.

If I'm subscribed to the free version of Data Interview Qs and I upgrade, will I get answers to past questions?

When you upgrade you will receive the answers to the past 10 questions you were asked under the free plan, as well as all questions moving forward.

What format do the solutions come in?

All solutions will contain a clean static web page walking you through the code/logic needed to solve the problem. Additionally, ~1/3rd of our solutions will also contain a link to a Colab (Jupyter) notebook allowing you to directly interact with the solution in your web browswer (similar to examples 2/3 on the home page).

Why should I practice for data science and analyst interviews through an email newsletter?

Full-time students and employees are busy. Our list allows you to attempt a few questions per week, gaining consistent practice. We've found that because these questions come at a regular cadence through email, it helps folks to get into a rhythm and improve at interviewing over time, rather than all in one go. By breaking up the time in between the questions, you'll also find that you retain the information better.

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