U.S. state population statistics


Given the following datasets:

Answer the following questions:

  • Calculate the birth rate and death rate for each state. For the purposes of this question you can define the rate as the # of births/deaths divided by the total population.
  • Create a new column appended to the first dataset with the net population change (births-deaths) by state.
  • Using the column from (2), project out the future population by state in 5 years, assuming the population change remains the same (on an absolute/n-count basis). You can assume each state's net transfer in/out rate from folks moving is 0 for this question's sake.For example, if CA's population is 30M and the birth-death rate is 150k, then the projected population in 5 years is just 30,000,000 + 150,0005 = 30.75M.*


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