Twitch view times by creators


Suppose you are working for a company like is a live streaming platform, where creators (e.g. the people creating content on the live streams) can receive donations from viewers.

Using the tables below -- write a SQL query to find the top content creators by total watch time, filtering for users who watch the stream on the same day the stream was created.

Table 1: creatorStreams

Column Name Data Type Description
creator_id integer unique id of content creator
stream_id integer unique id of stream
date string format is "YYYY-MM-DD", date of stream session
length integer length of streaming session

Table 2: viewWatches

Column Name Data Type Description
viewer_id integer unique id of viewer
session_id integer unique use session id
date string format is "YYYY-MM-DD", date of the view
stream_id integer unique session id of stream
mins_viewed integer total number of the viewer watched the stream


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