Subarray sums


Suppose you're given an array of integers, and a number x. Find the smallest subarray with a sum greater than the given value. Given the array, the array's length n, and the number x your function should return:

  • The length of the smallest subarray that has a sum greater than x
  • The actual subarray that has a sum greater than x

For example:

 # Given the following
 array = [5,6,2,3,8] 
 x = 12

 # Your output should be:
array length: 2
array: [8,6] 
#note that [8, 5] would also be an acceptable answer, as it contains a length of 2 as well

If the output is not possible, then you can return the length of the array + 1 (indicating that an additional element would be needed to satisfy the requirements).


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