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Suppose you're working for Reddit as an analyst. Reddit is trying to optimize its server allocation per subreddit, and you've been tasked with figuring out how much comment activity happens once a post is published.

Use your intuition to select a timeframe to query the data, as well as how you would want to present this information to the partnering team. The solution will be a SQL query with assumptions that you would need to state if this were asked in an interview. You have the following tables:

Table: posts

Column Name Data Type Description
id integer id of the post
publisher_id integer id the user posting
score integer score of the post
time integer post publish time in unix time
title string title of the post
deleted boolean is the post deleted?
dead boolean is the post active?
subreddit_id integer id of the subreddit

Table: comments

Column Name Data Type Description
id integer id of the comment
author_id integer id of the commenter
post_id integer id of the post the comment is nested under
parent_comment integer id of parent comment that comment is nested under
deleted integer is comment deleted?

Given the above, write a SQL query to highlight comment activity by subreddit. This problem is intended to test how you can think through vague/open-ended questions.


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