Querying San Francisco Public Worker Salary


You have the following dataset containing salaries for public workers of San Francisco, CA. Let's assume this data is in a table called sf_salaries.

Can you write a SQL query to find the top 3 highest paid and top 3 lowest paid job titles?

Column Name Column Type Short description
Id int The primary key of this table.
EmployeeName string The full name of the employee.
JobTitle string The title of the job the person does.
BasePay double The base amount of money the employee earns per year.
OvertimePay double The amount of money earned for the whole year for work done overtime.
OtherPay string Extra money coming from other activities.
Benefits string {incomplete data}
Totalpay double The total without benefits.
TotalPayBenefits double Total pay with benefits.
Year int The year when the money was paid out.
Notes string {incomplete data}
Agency string Always is 'San Francisco'.
Status string {incomplete data}


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