Picking a survey group


You work for a large hardware company (one that manufactures watches, computers, and phones) and you're trying to understand user sentiment towards the company's brand and the products. You decide to send out a survey to a random set of users across different products. Can you create a query that samples across the different product offerings? The output of your query should be user_id and group (e.g. the sampling group the user belongs to).

You have a table with all users and their registered devices. The schema of the table is below:

Table: user_devices

Column Name Data Type Description
user_id integer id of the user
devices array of strings lists the devices (watch, computer, phone)
device_ids array of integers id of the devices used by the user
user_create_time integer epoch time of the user's account
total_spend integer lifetime spend of a user
country string user country


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