Percent of months logged in


You're given the following table showing user logins to your system:

Table: login_info

user_id date
13412 2020-01-05
13412 2020-04-25
13412 2020-08-31
13412 2020-09-02
... ...

Using the table above, write a SQL query that returns percent of months each user has logged in to your system. Your numerator will be the number of months a user has logged in, and your denominator will be the total number of months that a user has been registered in your system (here you can use the user's last login - first login as a proxy for this metric).
Here's an example of what your output table should look like:

user_id pct_months
13412 X%
23809389 Y%

You can view/query the data in an interactive SQL fiddle here.


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