Job acceptance rates by location in SQL


Suppose you're trying to determine which locations drive a higher offer acceptance rate at your company.

You're given the below tables, detailing candidate offer statuses ('Accepted', 'Declined', 'Rejected') as well as a table containing the location of the role each candidate is interviewing for. Using these tables, write a SQL query to return the percent of offers given that are accepted by location.

Note: If a candidate's status is in 'Accepted' or 'Declined' that means that they have received an offer, while if the status is in 'Rejected' that candidate did not receive an offer.

Table: candidateStatus

candidate_id status
13063 Accepted
10281 Declined
10648 Accepted
12661 Rejected
12180 Rejected
12855 Declined
12886 Declined
11850 Accepted
11535 Declined
13651 Rejected
14700 Declined
13582 Accepted
12179 Accepted
14345 Accepted

Table: candidateInterviewLocation

candidate_id role_location
13063 San Francisco
10281 New York
10648 New York
12661 New York
12180 San Francisco
12855 New York
12886 New York
11850 San Francisco
11535 New York
13651 San Francisco
14700 New York
13582 San Francisco
12179 San Francisco
14345 San Francisco

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