Employee Attrition


The following dataset contains the following fields that describe employee attrition for a company:

  • satisfaction_level: value between 0 - 1 that describes how satisfied the employee was at their current role
  • last_evaluation: value between 0 - 1 that describes how well the employee performed
  • number_project: number of projects the employee was on
  • average_montly_hours: average number of hours worked monthly time_spend_company: number of years at the company
  • work_accident: boolean for if the employee has been in an accident at work
  • left: boolean that describes if the employee has left the company
  • role: employee's role
  • salary: low, medium, high --> indicates how high employee salary was

Can you describe which factors are the strongest indicator if an employee is going to attrit?Hint: If you're having trouble finding a starting point, you can reference this method and this wikipedia page.


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