eCommerce Margins


Suppose you're an analyst for an e-commerce store. You’re trying to identify the top selling items (by revenue) that have the highest margins. Using the tables below, can you write a SQL query that pulls the distributor, product_id, total revenue, total cost, total net margin, and number of units sold. Then, can you create additional columns that rank total net margin, total revenue, and total cost from greatest to least?

Table: allProducts

Column Name Data Type Description
product_id integer id of the product
product_name string name of the product
sku integer universal stockkeeping unit number
distributor_id integer unique id for distributor

Table: orders

Column Name Data Type Description
date string format is "YYYY-MM-DD"
user_id integer user id of purchaser
order_id integer unique order number
product_id integer id of product
no_units integer number of units sold in the order
sell_price integer the price the item is sold at
buy_price integer the price to procure the item
shipping_id integer id of shipping information
region string region of shipping id


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