College interview results


Suppose your team interviews undergraduate candidates across many different colleges. You are provided the following tables, and asked to determine which colleges have the highest pass through rate (number of candidates offered a position / number of candidates interviewed) as well as the colleges with the highest total # of offers. This will help your team prioritize future campus visits and help spread interview load. Write a SQL query to return these two results.

Table: candidateColleges

college_id candidate_name
123456 john_smith
123456 sarah_daniels
123457 tim_cook
123457 lisa_perelli
123457 jenny_west
123457 karl_tran
123457 tammy_turner

Table: candidateInterviews

Each row represents a unique interview/candidate, and flags whether or not we extended an offer as well as whether or not the candidate accepted. 1 means the offer was extended, 0 means it was not.

interview_id candidate_name flag_offer_extended flag_offer_accepted
12 john_smith 1 1
22 sarah_daniels 1 0
23 tim_cook 0 0
25 lisa_perelli 0 0
26 jenny_west 1 0
27 karl_tran 1 1
28 tammy_turner 1 1


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