Coins from a row - a game


Suppose you are creating an allocation game with the following parameters:

  • There are two players sitting across a row of bills with varying dollar values
  • In each turn, one of the players will select either the first or last bill from the row, receiving the value shown
  • You can assume that there are an even number of bills (meaning each player receives the same # of bills)
  • Each player will receive the maximum bill on either end of the array in a given turn

Given this information, and a set of bills in an array, write code simulate the projected returns of this game between each player.

For example:

bills = [1, 1, 2, 20]
# Output = 
# Player one: (20 + 1) = 21 
# Player two: (1 + 2) = 3
# P1 chooses 20, P2 left with 1, P2 chooses 2, P1 left with 1


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