Chocolate Bar Reviews


You have the following dataset of chocolate bar ratings. You can assume you have this data in a table called InternationalChocolateRatings.

Can you write a SQL query to summarize the BroadBeanOrigin for US manufactured chocolate bars and provide the number of reviews, average rating, and average cocoa percent?

Column Name in CSV Column Name for SQL Column Type Short description
Company Company string Name of the company manufacturing the bar
Specific Bean Origin or Bar Name SpecificBeanOrigin string The specific geo-region of origin for the bar.
REF value REFValue int Value linked to when the review was entered in the database. Higher = more recent.
Review Date ReviewDate int Year of publication of the review.
Cocoa Percent CocoaPercent double Cocoa percentage (darkness) of the chocolate bar being reviewed.
Company Location CompanyLocation string Manufacturer base country.
Rating Rating int Expert rating for the bar.
Bean Type BeanType string The variety (breed) of bean used, if provided.
Broad Bean Origin BroadBeanOrigin string The broad geo-region of origin for the bean.


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