Checking interview scores for accepted candidates


Suppose your team is looking to see if there's a relationship between interview scores and on the job performance for folks who were hired at your company.

You're given the below tables, detailing candidate offer statuses ('Accepted', 'Declined', 'Rejected') as well as associated interview scores. Using these tables, write a SQL query to return the interview scores for candidates who accepted an offer.

Table: candidateStatus

candidate_name candidate_status
john_smith Accepted
sarah_daniels Declined
tim_cook Accepted
lisa_perelli Rejected
jenny_west Rejected
karl_tran Declined
tammy_turner Declined

Table: candidateInterviews

Each row represents a unique interview/candidate as well as the candidate's score (an integer from 1-5, with 5 representing the highest possible score).

candidate_name interview_score
john_smith 4
sarah_daniels 5
tim_cook 4
lisa_perelli 2
jenny_west 2
karl_tran 4
tammy_turner 3

For simplicity, these tables are small, but you can assume in practicality the tables would be way too large to export or visually search through.

You can view/query the data in an interactive SQL fiddle here.


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