Application feedback


Your team at Apple released a new feature that collects feedback when an app launches. As part of the Alpha Launch for testing, the feedback consists of 1 question within a dialog box that asks "Would you like to give {App Name} your credit card number?" with potential answers being "Yes" and "No". This data is logged within a table named dialogbox_feedback with the following schema:

Table: dialogbox_feedback

Column Name Data Type Description
time integer epoch time of response
user_id integer unique id of user
app_id integer unique id of application
app_name string name of application
event string Possible values are: impressed (when user sees the dialog box), "Yes" (when user clicks yes). There is no logging for when the user clicks "No".

Question: A Product Manager asked you to give an update on how the Alpha Launch is going. You decide to aggregate (e.g. pivot) the events by each app to provide a quick summary. Write the aggregation using Python (Pandas).


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