Analyzing employee data


Below is a snippet from a table that contains information about employees that work at Company XYZ:

Column name Data type Example value Description
employee_name string Cindy Name of employee
employee_id integer 1837204 Unique id for each employee
yrs_of_experience integer 14 total working years of experience
yrs_at_company integer 10 total working years at Company XYZ
compensation integer 100000 dollar value of employee compensation
career_track string technical Potential values: technical, non-technical, executive

Company XYZ Human Resource department is trying to understand compensation across the company and asked you to pull data to help them make a decision regarding employee compensation.

Can you pull the average, median, minimum, maximum, and standard deviations for salary across 5 year experience buckets at Company XYZ? (e.g. get the corresponding average, median, minimum, maximum, and standard deviations for experience buckets 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, etc.) You can assume the data is imported into a dataframe named, df.


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