A hotel chain's loyal customers


You are an analyst for a major US hotel chain which has locations all over the US. Your marketing team is planning a promotion focused around loyal customers, and they are trying to forecast how much revenue the promotion will bring in. However, they need help from you to understand how much revenue comes from "loyal" customers to plug into their model.

A "loyal" customer is defined as

  • having a membership with your company's point system,

  • meeting either of the below conditions

  • having >2 stays at any hotel location

  • having stayed at 3 different locations

You have a table showing all transactions made in 2017. The schema of the table is below:

Table: customer_transactions

Column Name Data Type Description
customer_id id id of the customer
hotel_id integer unique id for hotel
transaction_id integer id of the given transaction
first_night string first night of the stay, column format is "YYYY-mm-dd"
number_of_nights integer # of nights the customer stayed in hotel
total_spend integer total spend for transaction, in USD
is_member boolean indicates if the customer is a member of our points system

Given this, can you write a SQL query that calculates percent of revenue loyal customers brought in 2017?


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