The Facebook Data Scientist Interview


Like many of the Tech giants, Facebook, leverages data to the fullest extent in all parts of its business. This provides many on-going opportunities for those looking to get hired into a Data Scientist role at Facebook! This blog post will take you through the role, required skills, the interview process, a few example questions, and some tips to help you start prepping for your interview.

The Role

Data Scientist roles are embedded throughout Facebook, affording many opportunities. Below are a few types of data scientists Facebook hires for:

Required Skills

An average Facebook Data Scientist typically has 3-6 years of experience in a quantitative role. Other qualifications include:

These skills vary from role to role, so be sure to read into the specifics for a particular role.

Interview Process

The typical interview process at Facebook follows the steps below:

  1. Initial screening by a recruiter (~30 minutes). This is more of a formality to ensure the candidate fits the criteria for the role. The recruiter will ask about your past experiences, your interests, and will provide you more details about the role.
  2. Initial phone interview with a member of the current team (45 minutes). This interview will again typically cover past experiences, but with more of a focus on technical skills and problem solving ability. It’s important to use stories / past experiences that highlight your technical expertise here.
  3. Onsite interview. These interviews will be with members of the current team (it's likely one of interviews will be with the hiring manager) and cross-functional team members. The interviews will take about 1/2 a day - interviewing with 3-4 people for about 45 minutes each. These interviews can be structured in many different ways depending on what team you’re interviewing for (your recruiter will provide you with the specifics when you reach this stage), but generally expect 1-2 technical interviews and the remaining be case-like/behavioral interviews.

Example Facebook Data Scientist Interview Questions

Tips to help prepare for your interview

Interested in practicing for data scientist or analyst interviews?

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