Fradulent retail accounts

Below is a daily table for an active acount at Shopify (an online ecommerce, retail platform). The table is called store_account and the columns are:

Column Name Data Type Description
store_id integer a unique Shopify store id
date string date
status string Possible values are: [‘open’, 'closed’, ‘fraud’]
revenue double Amount of spend in USD

Here's some additional information about the table:

  • The granularity of the table is store_id and day
  • Assume “close” and “fraud” are permanent labels
  • Active = daily revenue > 0
  • Accounts get labeled by Shopify as fraudulent and they no longer can sell product
  • Every day of the table has every store_id that has ever used Shopify

Question: What percent of active stores were fraudulent by day, for each day in the last month? Solution will be given using Python (Pandas) for premium users.

Some clarifications:

  • We want one value for each day in the month.
  • A store can be fraudulent and active on same day. E.g. they could generate revenue until 10AM, then be flagged as fradulent from 10AM onward.

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